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Vodka is likely one of the hottest alcoholic drinks around the globe. Its versatility, capability to combine with quite a lot of flavors, and easy style make it a go-to for many individuals. This clear and colorless alcoholic beverage is made by distilling fermented grains or potatoes and has a popularity for being long-lasting. Many individuals consider that vodka can final endlessly as a result of it has a excessive alcohol content material and doesn’t have a whole lot of taste or aroma. The query nonetheless stands; Can vodka expire?

Does Vodka Expire?


The quick reply is sure, vodka can expire. A bottle of unflavored vodka has an indefinite shelf life. After opening, it can nonetheless be good for 10 to twenty years, although that is solely whether it is saved appropriately. Though vodka has a comparatively lengthy shelf life, it’s nonetheless a perishable product that may go unhealthy beneath sure circumstances, like these:

  • Publicity to warmth
  • Subjection to gentle
  • Publicity to air
  • The standard of the uncooked supplies used to make the vodka

To be able to preserve your vodka from expiring, remember to preserve correct storage of your bottle.


Flavored vodkas are the most popular pattern in spirits. It’s important to know flavored vodkas have a shorter shelf life as a result of added flavors. Our flavored Swap Vodka Gentle is not any completely different. When unopened, our vodkas can last as long as 2 years. When you open up your bottle, although, it’s finest to take pleasure in it inside 90 days. Doing so will make sure that you get the best-tasting vodka doable. It’s possible you’ll marvel, “can I drink expired vodka?” If you happen to discover an odd odor or discoloration in your vodka, get rid of the rest of your bottle safely.

How to Store Vodka

Vodka has been the top-selling spirit within the U.S. for the reason that Nineteen Seventies. The vodka market represents $7.3 billion in income.


One of many major components that may trigger vodka to run out is publicity to warmth. Vodka ought to be saved in a cool, darkish place, away from direct daylight and sources of warmth, reminiscent of radiators or stoves. If vodka is uncovered to warmth for an prolonged interval, it might probably result in the evaporation of alcohol and a change in taste and aroma. The best temperature for storing vodka is between 32 and 55 levels Fahrenheit or 0 to twenty levels Celsius.
One other issue that may have an effect on the shelf lifetime of vodka is publicity to gentle. Vodka bottles are normally product of clear glass, which permits gentle to penetrate the liquid. This publicity to gentle can break down the vodka’s taste and aroma, and it might probably additionally trigger discoloration. To forestall this, it’s best to retailer vodka in a darkish cellar or cabinet.


Can vodka expire due to its substances? The reply is sure. The standard of the uncooked supplies used to make vodka can impression its shelf life. Excessive-quality Swap Vodka is made out of solely premium substances and distilled a number of instances to make sure a easy and pure style. Cheaper vodka made out of inferior substances and distilled solely as soon as can spoil extra shortly, resulting in a shorter shelf life. We advocate that flavored Swap Vodka be consumed inside 90 days of opening, because the added flavors can expire a lot faster than the alcohol itself.


If a bottle of vodka just isn’t saved in a fridge, it ought to be saved in a cool, darkish place. Unflavored and unopened bottles of vodka that are saved at a reasonable temperature and away from gentle can final for many years. At 30% to 40%, liquor just isn’t a hospitable setting for micro organism. And if it’s not opened, you’ll cope with just about no oxidation. However when you open a liquor bottle, oxidation begins, which may trigger vodka to grow to be discolored or trigger crystallization to happen, at which level you need to get rid of the expired alcohol. Opened bottles of unflavored vodka can final wherever from 10 to twenty years.


Vodka is likely one of the world’s hottest alcoholic drinks. That’s why we have now created Swap Vodka Gentle which is the proper alternative for any event – with out feeling a lot of the aftermath the following day. Many distillers provide low-carb, low-calorie, no-sugar, gluten-free, all-natural, and no-artificial flavors of their vodka.
Nevertheless, at Swap Vodka we incorporate a contemporary method to the distillation course of which permits us rather more management over distilling than ever earlier than. By means of the iStill distilling course of with clever automation, we’re in a position to produce a really high-quality vodka with a near-perfect stage of consistency. iStill even permits us to make use of vapor distillation to infuse actual fruit and herbs straight into your drink. Swap vodka was designed for individuals who actually care about what they put of their our bodies, and thus our gluten-free vodka is ideal for folks residing low-calorie existence.


Swap Vodka additionally is available in flavored varieties. Many vodka lovers take pleasure in sipping our flavored vodkas on their very own or combined in cocktails. Our low-carb, low-calorie vodka is a superb pair for any Summer time day or Winter evening. Presently, our lighter vodka is available in these distinct flavors:

  • Gentle Spirit – Our basic unflavored gentle vodka
  • Peach Basil – A tasty combo utilizing native Palisade Peaches and basil
  • Pomegranate Lemongrass – A flavorful mixture of two refreshing flavors

All of our flavors of sunshine vodka are tasty and blend excellently in sub-100-calorie cocktails!

Switch Your Vodka To Switch


Not like many different alcoholic drinks, vodka has a comparatively lengthy shelf life, which leads many to consider that it lasts endlessly. Nevertheless for these nonetheless questioning “can vodka expire?”, it’s necessary to grasp that despite the fact that it’s a spirit, vodka can expire beneath sure circumstances. A very powerful issues to recollect for the preservation of your vodka are to maintain it in a cool, dry place, away from gentle or air. It doesn’t damage to decide on a high-quality vodka, like Swap Vodka, because the premium substances additionally lend themselves nicely to an extended shelf life.
Now that you realize which you can have crisp low-calorie craft vodka in a number of flavors, don’t you need to give it a strive? Use this helpful device that can assist you discover the closest place the place you should buy Swap vodka close to you, or purchase it on-line now at 52eighty Distilling!

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