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Zesty Pickled Prawns: A burst of flavours with marinated prawns, unique spices, and tangy lemon juice. Excellent for seafood lovers in search of a pleasant kick in each chew.

Pickled Prawns

Introducing the tantalizing “Pickled Prawns” recipe – a culinary masterpiece that showcases the wealthy tapestry of Indian flavours. Think about plump, medium-sized prawns bathed in a luscious mix of ginger-garlic paste, tangy lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. This marinade not solely tenderizes the prawns however infuses them with a touch of zesty freshness.

The magic unfolds as these marinated prawns meet the new embrace of mustard oil infused with onion seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and complete purple chillies. The aromatic dance of spices fills the air as sliced onions sizzle to an ideal aroma. Tomatoes, inexperienced chillies, and a touch of coriander powder be a part of the get together, making a symphony of colors and smells.

Because the flavours meld, an attractive mix of purple chilli, coriander, and cumin powders, together with the heat of garam masala and turmeric, takes the stage. The prawns be a part of the ensemble, stirring up a tantalizing visible as they flip tender and succulent. A closing flourish of julienned ginger and freshly chopped inexperienced coriander provides vibrancy to this culinary masterpiece.

Pickled Prawns

Pickled Prawns

Pickled Prawns
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