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Home made limoncello tastes higher than most store-bought limoncello. I’ve been making it myself for about 10 years now (click on right here for the recipe). Lemon peels, infused for 4 to six weeks in pure alcohol (95% pure), then add a easy syrup, and for greatest outcomes enable to age for some additional time. I’ve seen limoncello made in solely 2 hours utilizing sous vide unfusion on-line, however by no means paid a lot consideration to it. As a result of it might by no means be nearly as good. Or might it? I needed to know for certain and due to this fact put it to the check and made some sous vide infused limoncello.

The elements are precisely the identical whether or not you’re making it sous vide or the standard method: natural unwaxed lemons, ideally from Sorrento in Italy, 95% pure alcohol, sugar, and water. For 1.5 litres (6 cups) of limoncello you’ll need 5 massive lemons, 500 ml (2 cups) alcohol, 750 ml (3 cups) water, and 600 grams (3 cups) sugar. You can too make limoncello utilizing vodka as a substitute, however I’ve by no means tried that.


First scrub the lemons completely and dry them..


Then peel them as thinly as doable utilizing a vegetable peeler.

The flavour is within the yellow half; the white pith is bitter. If there may be some white pith connected to the yellow peel, take away it with a really sharp paring knife. That’s the secret to the very best tasting selfmade limoncello, and one of many explanation why correctly made selfmade limoncello is healthier than most store-bought.

Vacuum seal the peels with the alcohol, and infuse sous vide for two hours at 57C/135F. As an alternative of utilizing a chamber vacuum machine, you may also use a ziploc bag and the water displacement methodology.


Within the meantime, make a easy syrup by bringing 750 ml combined with 600 grams of sugar to a boil in a saucepan, and permit to boil for 1 minute, then enable to chill.

Chill the sous vide infused alcohol as nicely.

Combine the syrup with the infused alcohol, and chill this fully within the freezer. Limoncello is greatest when served ice chilly from the freezer. Good limoncello with sufficient alcohol (about 30%) will keep fluid within the freezer.

For this experiment I ready each historically made limoncello and the fast model utilizing sous vide, to then style them aspect by aspect. The sous vide model has a a lot sharper style; the standard model has a deeper, rounder and softer taste. The sous vide model is a little more contemporary, however I undoubtedly choose the standard model. The sous vide model is a little more like store-bought limoncello, so maybe heating can be used as a way to supply a few of these. If you’re in a rush you can also make a suitable limoncello sous vide, however I don’t assume it’s definitely worth the hassle in comparison with the store-bought model (and with the worth of lemons and 95% proof alcohol I don’t anticipate it to be cheaper). The standard selfmade model is significantly better.

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